About Us

Taiyo Japanese Grocery and Deli is located in Sunnyside, Queens. We are just 10 minutes away by subway from Manhattan.

Sunnyside has been a popular area for Japanese people since the 1960s. Sony was once headquartered in Sunnyside as well.

With Japanese population keep increasing in New York City, Sunnyside has become a popular living and shopping destination among Japanese expatriates, tourists and immigrants.

There has been a big question mark among these Japanese people, especially regarding a high quality Japanese grocery store. As expressed by Tomini, a Japanese resident in Sunnyside,  "I wish there is a Japanese food specialty shop in this neighborhood, I've been unsatisfied by Asian food corner at those American supermarkets. Also going to Manhattan to shop for Japanese grocery is very troublesome."

With this in mind, Hiroshi-san who has a long experience in serving Japanese food in his restaurant "Ariyoshi", opened a grocery store and deli that carries Japanese food, treats, snacks and accessories.

Taiyo Foods is the place to go when you need to buy Japanese stuffs, snacks or treats when you are in New York City.

Anybody who loves Japanese culture and Japanese food and snack, will find Taiyo Foods in Sunnyside a great place to shop.